The materials in this portfolio showcase my research and teaching as demonstrated through my publications and current research projects, as well as an overview of the range and diversity of the courses I have taught and designed. 


Meet Katelyn

Hi, I'm Katelyn. I am a Ph.D. candidate studying Rhetoric and Composition at Florida State University. My research interests and my pedagogy are inherently connected.


As a researcher, I'm interested in how writing knowledge transfers across contexts, including how curricula design and writing across the curriculum facilitates and fosters students' writing in their other courses, their jobs, their co-curriculars, and their personal writing.


As a teacher, I recognize I am a single notch in a web of student experiences. Therefore, I teach the foundational terms and meanings of rhetorical composition and allow students space to critically reflect on their learning throughout the semester in order to make connections to how writing functions within other spaces in their daily lives. Using a teaching-for-transfer curriculum in my composition courses and a professional writing curriculum in my writing-major course, I prepare students to be successful writers after their semester with me ends.


For inquiries, I can be contacted via email at kastark@fsu.edu.


Research & Pedagogy