Graduate TA Prep


I have had the privilege of working under ​two experienced Composition Directors. 

The first syllabus was designed by Dr. Deborah Teague, and this is the first graduate-level course I co-taught. 

I had more influence over the second syllabus as I worked with Dr. Elias Dominguez-Barajas before the term began on its creation. Both syllabi reflect an theory-and-practice intensive course that aims to prepare TAs from a range of backgrounds to teach FSU's two college composition courses. 

Course Description

This course examines foundational theories, pedagogical orientations, social concerns, and good practices pertaining to the teaching of academic writing. Students examine the role of teachers in the writing classroom, foundational assumptions about the purposes and characteristics of academic writing, and the interrelationship of speaking, writing, and reading. Students will be asked to develop a teaching philosophy that synthesizes composition theory, teaching style, curricular requirements, and student needs.


Key questions addressed in this course are: “What do composition instructors teach and why? How is student writing evaluated? How do social factors influence writing performance and perceptions of good writing? What is rhetoric and why is it associated with first-year college composition courses?”