Teaching Experience

I have a wide range of teaching experience from multiple institutions and disciplines. These experiences range from freshmen composition to upper-level writing courses in English and Business and Graduate Teaching Assistant Preparation. My institutional experiences include both a comprehensive university and an R1 institution. 


My pedagogy is directly informed by my research specialty area of writing transfer knowledge. I ground my courses through major concepts, and my students regularly practice reflection writing. My students gain knowledge and experience in my classroom that directly relates and informs their lives across the curriculum and outside of school.

Courses Taught

Sophomore-level Composition 


Florida State offers a unique sophomore-level composition course that is required for every student at the university. Using a Teaching-For-Transfer curricular model, I emphasize key writing concepts and reflections so students can draw upon, use, and repurpose their writing for contexts both inside and outside of school.

Writing and Editing in Print and Online 
Writing Major Course

WEPO is an upper-level writing course unique to the Editing, Writing, & Media major at FSU. This course draws students from various disciplines, and I use a professional-writing model to help prepare students for the discourse communities in which they will enter after graduation.

Business Communications


This is a required upper-level writing course for all students in the FSU College of Business. I brought in a genre and rhetorical curricular model to teach students how to decipher and compose in a variety of business genres. I also worked with the chair of the Business Department to brainstorm curricular designs for social media and marketing courses. ​

Graduate Teacher Assistant Preparation

As one of two assistant directors of the College Composition Program, I co-taught the intensive six-week pedagogy course to incoming Graduate Teaching Assistants in English in the summer of 2018 and 2019. This course immerses students in foundational and current composition pedagogy and theory.

Online Composition

After taking a graduate seminar on Online Writing Instruction, I taught an online writing course during the summer of 2019. The development of this course was informed by my coursework in Online Writing Instruction and my forthcoming publication in English Studies Online.


First & Second Year Composition in a Vertical Writing Curriculum

At Appalachian State, I taught both freshmen and sophomore composition as part of the Vertical Writing Curriculum. The first course in the series emphasized expository writing and the second course was an introduction to writing across the curriculum

Teaching Philosophy

Stay tuned. In progress. 

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